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At Queen's Hand Collaborative, we are more than just a spirits brokerage. We are a passionate community of connoisseurs and advocates for local and craft distilleries, dedicated to fostering a culture that celebrates the artistry of small-batch, artisanal spirits. Our mission is to influence and inspire our community to savor the flavors of local and craft spirits while supporting the talented distillers in our region.

Founded by a spirits enthusiasts with a love for entrepreneurship,  QHC was born out of a shared love for the unique and authentic flavors found in local and craft distilleries. We recognized the incredible talent and dedication of these artisans and wanted to bring their exceptional products to a wider audience.

While the big distributors are consolidating and prioritizing household brands and large suppliers, craft distilleries, now more than ever, need dedicated resources to support their growth. In an increasingly competitive marketplace with new participants entering every day, brands must have an established network of strategic on and off-premise account relationships and multi-market and channel connectivity to achieve success. This is where we come in. 

Long Live the Queen

Her Majesty


Founder and CEO

McKenzie Cunningham

I have been in the beverage industry since I was legally able to drink and decided that instead of making a bunch of money for brands that don’t align with me, I wanted to pour into brands (pun intended) and companies who’s vision I believe in whole heartedly!

When I’m not out building brands, I am playing with my two children, doing yoga, binge watching any and everything on Bravo or serving on the leadership team for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Charlotte. I am a Wilmington, NC native, UNCG Chi Omega alum, and the biggest hype girl for the women and creatives around me!


Words I live by - "Go out into the world and do well, but more importantly go out into the world and do good.”



Nesha Pai, founder and CEO of Pai CPA, is the ultimate girl's girl through and through! In addition to handling the financial side of the business (THANK GOD) Nesha also keeps our inspiration cup full with her empowering speaking engagements, incredible collaborative events she is constantly putting together with the movers and shakers of Charlotte, and the powerful autobiography, "Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles", she wrote walking other women through all of the uphill battles she overcame.



If you were to look up POWERHOUSE in the dictionary, you would find a picture of Meredith Dean, Founder and CEO of The Dean’s List. This woman can build a website, a resume and your confidence all in one meeting. She is a soulful entrepreneur, intentional connector, and all around QUEEN! Meredith built the gorgeous website you are looking at now! Go look at her other clients at or on IG @merenator!

The Queen's Court


Social Media

Jess Mollo, the founder and CEO behind Piper Fox Collective is the human embodiment of kindness and all things GOOD. She has created a team of women who helped us get very clear on our social media goals and strategizes and executes everything from start to finish for us.  Jess and her team are game changers!

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