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Imbibe Royally

Queens Hand Collaborative is a boutique beverage broker,  representing local, hand crafted, niche and emerging brands in bringing them to market. 


We represent companies with unique and innovative offerings, helping them navigate the hospitality and beverage industry by leveraging our relationships, rapport and industry prowess in order to accelerate growth.


Maneuvering the laws in the controlled state of North Carolina can be confusing. QHC makes the process seamless by obtaining the correct licensing and insurance, identifying distributors, creating promotional opportunities and developing customized full-service retail solutions in order to get your beverage in the hands of customers. 

Our Services

Cocktail Hour



Whether you need insight on obtaining licensing in the notoriously difficult controlled state of North Carolina or a full go to market strategy,  QHC can provide you with a bevy of beverage knowledge. From navigating NC ABC laws to guiding your distributor selection, we give your brand the royal treatment and set you up for success. 


It’s time to disrupt the status quo. At QHC, we like to see things shaken, not stirred. Once our creative Queen has a clear understanding of your brand, she brings your vision to life through engagements that excite the senses and appeal to your ideal customer.  QHC provides not only a highly trained and engaged sales team, but takes care of the mundane. Whether it's scheduling ABC store tastings, obtaining the proper sales and tasting licenses and event insurance are taken off your plate-and you will never have to question the results.  You will be provided with a detailed report recapping each event with notes on customer demographics, guest and store employee feedback, number of bottles sold and current inventory and shelf placement by location.



When you've created a product that is the best of the best, it’s important you are represented by the crème de la crème. Our savvy sales team establishes quarterly and yearly goals, develops a catalog of key contacts and creates collaborations that are aligned with your ideal customer. We identify points of distribution, develop dazzling drink menus and hold court as the face of your brand.


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